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FieldConnex process interfaces connect multiple conventional inputs and outputs to the fieldbus with minimum cabling. Intrinsic safety included: Sensors and actuators can be mounted in Zone 0/ Div. 1, the process interface in Zone 1/ Div. 1. The I/O is powered by the fieldbus, saving on cabling. Process interfaces allow flexibility through standard function blocks and selections from many types and manufacturers of field instruments.

Valve Coupler

Fieldbus valve coupler
Fieldbus valve coupler

The valve coupler connects up to four low-power valves and positioning sensors to a single fieldbus address. Value-added functions reduce configuration efforts, calculate and report break-away and runtime for each valve. Information is immediately accessible to asset management systems.

Pre-configured solutions such as the FieldConnex® pneumatic interface combine multiple valve couplers, solenoid and amplifier valves in one convenient and easy to install housing. The pneumatic interface will control up to 32 valves via one fieldbus cable and pressurized air.

Temperature Multi-Input Device

Fieldbus temperature multi-input device
Fieldbus temperature multi-input device

The FieldConnex® Temperature Multi-Input Device(TM-I) integrates up to eight analog signals into digital fieldbus communication in a very efficient and cost-effective way. The following types of devices and signals can be connected:
  • Resistive temperature sensors, includes 2-, 3- and 4-wire versions
  • Thermocouples
  • Other resistance and millivolt signals

Each input is parameterized separately. The TM-I supports cold junction compensation and monitoring of sensor and wire conditions, too.

FieldConnex® Smartplant® Instrument Library

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